Ever since I could hold a pencil I knew that I was destined to live and breath all things visual. Realising I wasn't that bad at art in my school days, I also started to find a new interest in photography. Borrowing my Dad's Mamiya range finder camera I set about clicking at anything I found interesting or in most cases uninteresting to most people. Such was this new found passion, I used to spend long dark evenings in a make-shift darkroom (Kitchen), developing and printing images with my Dad. It's a real shame those days have long gone, filled now with the clean and precise world of pixels and Photoshop, of which I now embrace.

After graduating from Portsmouth College of Art, I embarked with my new found talents to South Africa where I sharpened and honed my skills with various Design and Advertising agencies. On my return to England I opted to concentrate my career in the Graphic Design world, working for a few notable Design companies before branching out on my own.

In 2006 I qualified with the British Institute of British Photography at Licentiate level in Portraiture an accolade I have wanted to achieve ever since the days of my first click of a shutter. Being part of such an elite and dynamic institution has changed my previous perception of photography, making me think outside and inside the box and ultimately pushing me to achieve more from my images.

Please take a wander through my portfolios of images, I just hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.